In the dot-com boom of the 90s, everyone wanted a website, and I saw an opportunity. I started building websites for companies, honing my skills and learning what worked and what didn't. I even registered my own domain,, to serve as a personal lab for experimentation and exploration. But I didn't stop there.
I went on to start my first IT and web development company, using devtag as the domain. Though the company was short-lived, lasting only 5 years, it was a valuable learning experience. And I wasn't done yet. I later registered a second company in North America, followed by a sister company in Asia.
Now, serves as a showcase of my past work, and I've moved on to a new passion: serving as an Enterprise Senior Agile Coach. If you're looking to dive into an Agile mindset, feel free to reach out. Just remember, we're all about authenticity here, so leave the negativity at the door.
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