In the dynamic landscape of the dot-com boom during the 1990s, I recognized the burgeoning demand for websites as an opportunity ripe for exploration. Thus, I embarked on a journey of building websites for various companies, meticulously refining my skills and discerning effective strategies through firsthand experience. Not content with merely creating websites, I established my own digital presence with the domain, using it as a platform for personal experimentation and innovation.
However, my aspirations extended beyond individual projects. I took the leap to establish my first IT and web development company, anchored by the domain devtag. Though the venture was relatively short-lived, spanning five years, it provided invaluable insights and lessons pivotal to my professional growth. Undeterred by setbacks, I ventured further, establishing a subsequent company in North America, followed by a sister venture in Asia.
Today, stands as a testament to my past endeavors, showcasing the culmination of years of dedication and expertise. Transitioning from my roots in web development, I have embraced a new passion as an Enterprise Senior Agile Coach. If you are seeking to immerse yourself in the Agile mindset, I welcome you to connect with me. Let us embark on a journey rooted in authenticity, leaving behind negativity as we embrace transformative growth and innovation.
Aligned with the ethos of relentless progress and seamless integration between business and technology, our Transformation Office envisions a future where boundaries blur, and innovation thrives. Our mission is to cultivate an ecosystem where the fusion of business acumen and technological prowess fuels unprecedented growth and innovation.
Central to our vision is the cultivation of a culture where change is not just accepted but embraced as an integral part of our collective mindset. We are dedicated to breaking down silos and fostering collaboration across all functions, empowering every individual to contribute their unique perspectives and skills towards our shared objectives.
Our aspirations extend beyond adaptation; we aspire to lead change, challenging conventions and exploring new frontiers. Rejecting complacency, we embrace dynamic methodologies, remaining agile and responsive to emerging trends and opportunities.
Through our unwavering commitment to transformation and innovation, we seek to redefine the norms of business and technology integration. Together, we will shape a future where the boundaries between business and technology fade away, and creativity, adaptability, and forward-thinking reign supreme.
Join us on this journey as we pave the way towards a future where change is the only constant, and every challenge is an opportunity for growth and advancement.

Hav Gloria
CEO Development TagĀ 

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