Back in the 90s (1999) with the .com boom everyone wanted a site so I started doing website development and after many projects and working for companies doing websites I decided to register my own domain and experiment with my own "lab" so the first domain I purchased was which was too long and then I change it to development tag which again too long so I short it to devtag. Which was registered until 2003.  

After using as a playground with different technologies I had the opportunity to start my first company which was of-course an IT / web development company. This company was registered with a different legal name but the domain was used. This first company lasted for 5 years and then terminated because of conflict of interest with the other co founders. Until 2012 I registered a second company (registered in North America), and a sister company in Asia (2016), so at this moment there was two companies but both of them went dormant as I focused on other projects.

So now will be used to demo what I have done over the years and now a days I'm focused more on my career as Enterprise Senior Agile Coach and Coaching to who ever want to dive into an Agile mind set.  

So reach out if you would like to share something with us but warning! we are people free of BS so leave your negativity behind ;)  
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